Pedie Wolfond

Pedie Wolfond is an established abstract artist, known for her large-scale immersive colourful compositions, which evoke the patterns found in light, nature, and music. As an artist, Wolfond strives to capture the psychological affects of colour and light, through her signature use of thin washes of transparent acrylic glazes on unprimed canvas. Her vast paintings not only to reflect light, but radiate it. Beginning her painting career in the 1950s, Wolfond’s work came of age with the Colour Field and Abstract Expressionist movements. Wolfond paints her enormous canvases on the floor of her studio, kneeling, reaching, and stretching to apply layer after layer of acrylic washes, saturating to the surface with luscious and vibrant hues. When regarding her vast canvases, the viewer becomes immersed in the artist’s painterly vocabulary of lyrical gestures and pure colour that captivate the mind and imagination.

Pedie Wolfond has been actively exhibiting her work since the mid 1970s. Wolfond’s works can be found in numerous corporate collection as well as private collections in Canada, Unites States, England, Israel, Belgium, France, Italy and Australia.


410 Spadina Road
Toronto, ON,
Canada, M5P2W2



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