Pedie Wolfond

New Work

October 12 – November 12, 2017

Opening Reception: Sunday, October 15, 2 – 5pm

2017 marks over sixty years of the incredible painting career of prolific Canadian Abstract artist Pedie Wolfond. To highlight this tremendous milestone, this landmark exhibition celebrates Wolfond’s artistic practice and her contribution to abstract painting. Featuring new work and a selection of pieces spanning her career, the exhibition offers a glimpse into the breadth of Wolfond’s practice and her journey as a painter. Wolfond’s work can be found in prestigious corporate and private collections in Canada, the United States, England, Israel, Belgium, France, Italy and Australia.

The sensation of light is fundamental to our emotional memory. Wolfond’s paintings tap into the phenomenological effects of light and colour on the psyche. For her, “the longer you look, the colour seems to penetrate your mind and emotions.” The artist uses a complex technique she developed in the 1970s of mixing acrylic paints with water and gel mediums to create her pigments. She achieves her signature luminous effect by building up thin washes on raw canvas, layer by layer. Wolfond’s masterful handling of paint is apparent in each of her canvases. Her vast paintings seem not only to reflect light, but to contain it.

Wolfond’s latest body of work is an evocation of pure colour and energy. Her large-scale canvases pulse with optical intensity, taking viewers through a visual symphony of moods and emotions. Her paintings are complex and expressive, drawing on patterns found in light, nature, and music. Wolfond’s approach is entirely intuitive. As a master at using colour, she elevates viewers to an entirely different state of consciousness. Wolfond often describes her work in terms of the energy it radiates.

Wolfond’s paintings are an autobiography in light. Her joys and exaltations, struggles and challenges, are on display for the viewer in radiant colour. Each of the artist’s compositions are raw transcriptions of her emotive and spiritual journey told through the hundreds of luminous layers.


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