Keith W. Bentley

Keith W. Bentley’s sculptures intervene canon of art history, calling into question the dominant representations of religion, and sexuality. Bentley subverts and alters classical forms, culled from the archives of art history: the nude, the god, and the icon. Bentley literally dissects these forms, putting them on display splayed and vulnerable. These once iconographic, untouchable figures from religion and mythology are made fragile. He transforms the statues through the profusion of objects, reconstructing their silhouettes, often obscuring the heads and shoulders completely. Bold contrappostos are made strange, figures are dissected and pieced back together with hinges and other everyday objects. These once immaculate surfaces are given new life through hyper-saturated colour and obfuscation. Bentley transforms these canonical figures, which have stood for the ideals of masculinity, femininity, and morality. They are put into question, making new space for new identities.


410 Spadina Road
Toronto, ON,
Canada, M5P2W2


Wednesdays - Saturday
11am - 5pm
or, by Appointment