Laura Demers, Peter Holst Henckel, Myron Jones, Julia Martin,
Amanda McCavour, Julie Oakes & Jim Reid

Spring Fever

21.01.2017 – 19.02.2017

Lonsdale gallery is pleased to present Spring Fever, a group show featuring work by Laura Demers, Peter Holst Henkel, Myron Jones, Julia Martin, Amanda McCavour, Julie Oakes, and Jim Reid.

Through the mediums of paint and photography, the current show carries with it signifiers of spring. Many of the works contain hidden truths and ask the viewer to delve deeper into the images, which at first glance deny foreboding.

In the shadowed wings of Holst Henckel’s butterflies we see the remains of some of the world’s most haunting war photography; the foliage of Reid, Martin, and Demers moves with urgency, in some cases falling outside of the canvas perimeter. McCavour’s thread drawn garden seems removed from spring’s silent reckoning, until one realizes these fragile textiles are pinned like moths in glass — a taxonomy of dreamt flowers.

Spring is a time of great change, replete with eruption and flood. Spring Fever is an exhibition of work that examines the season with open eyes.


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