Julia Martin

Julia Martin is an interdisciplinary artist with an emphasis on photography and writing. Her work is concerned with narrative, and in her practice she experiments with processes which allow for complex multi-track storytelling, evoking a voice in the aesthetics of image and text. Martin is often drawn to lo-fi technology for its memory-like renderings, and the sense of spontaneity and play in working with materials through several iterations and mediations, she explores what is gained in the loss of fidelity.

Martin has worked in print, film and book forms. In recent series she has been exploring her modernist leanings in text-based works, photographic pairings and portraiture; employing intertextuality, satire and multiple manipulations of technology to achieve a sense of understanding of myself and others. Martin’s work relies on and reflects a dark sense of humour; she asks the viewer to laugh at the punchline no matter how harrowing the set up.


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