Peggy Taylor Reid

Peggy Taylor Reid’s photographic works are an investigation of objects as traces and shadows of our physical world. Taylor Reid meditates on the use of photography as the vehicle of the scientific gaze to document and decode the world around us and her work acts as an extension of this metaphorical tradition. She documents, catalogues and then obfuscates specimens from her immediate surroundings. The resulting photographs acting less like scientific studies, but more like cautionary haikus. Today, with the knowledge of impending ecological crises our sensibility to the complexity and beauty of our natural world has increased. In response to this, Taylor Reid’s work is a poetic reverie and reflection of the complexity of our relationship to the natural world.


410 Spadina Road
Toronto, ON,
Canada, M5P2W2


Thursday - Saturday
11am - 5pm
or, by Appointment


* Updated March, 2022
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