R E D  L I G H T 

Curated Group Exhibition

May 2 – June 29, 2018

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 10, 6-9pm

Highlighting over 300 pieces of traditional darkroom and experimental photography this exhibition shines a light on the richness of techniques and creative opportunities offered by manual photographic development. Photographers from across the globe are assembled in this large-scale salon installation. This exhibition surveys a wide variety of historical and experimental techniques, including: pinhole, tintype, glass plate, cyanotype, lithography, gum bichromate, platinum palladium,  photogravure,  tri-colour, gelatine silver, salted paper prints, contact prints, ambrotype, mordançage, vandyke, lumen prints, photograms, polaroid transfers, and more!

The root of photography dates back to early antiquity. The word ‘photography’ comes from Greek ‘drawing with light’. In a world saturated with social media and a constant flood of digital images, darkroom photography is experiencing a renaissance. While purists have always believed in the preeminence of analogue photography, renewed mainstream appreciation for images from the pre-digital era signals an exciting new chapter in contemporary photographic practices.

In the words of Ansel Adams, “the negative is the equivalent of the composer’s score and the print the performance.” The mediation of the artists’ hand gives photographs their unique expressive power. The alchemy and magic of the darkroom allows artists the freedom to experiment and transform images into a true artistic masterpiece. While technology can mimic the end result of these processes, it can never fully recreate the energy, artistic depth, and tangible quality of manual photographic development.




Throughout the month of June, we will be hosting RED LIGHT IN FOCUS, a dynamic series of FREE weekend programming. Every Saturday and Sunday at 1pm, join us for engaging and thought provoking guided tours of the RED LIGHT led by exhibiting artists and gallery staff.


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Beverley Abramson (Toronto, Canada)
Daniel Alvarado (Toronto, Canada)
Sally Ayre (Toronto, Canada)
Jessica Barber (Pennsylvania, United States)
Paul Barden (Corvallis, United States)
Anne Berry (Newnan, United States)
René Bolduc (Montreal, Canada)
Thomas Brasch (Toronto, Canada)
Addison J. Brown (Hunstville, United States)
Stephen Brûlé  (Toronto, Canada)
Anne Campbell (Aberdeenshire, Scotland)
Ian Campbell (Toronto, Canada)
Bob Carnie (Toronto, Canada)
Ginette Clément (St-Roch- de-l’Achigan, Canada)
Jennifer Crane (Saskatoon , Canada)
Nicole Cudzilo (New York, United States)
Brian James Culbertson (Greenville, United States)
Wendy Currie (Victoria, Australia)
Sandra Davis (Philadelphia, United States)
Anthony DeLorenzo (Whitehorse, Canada)
Nigel Dickenson (London, United Kingdom)
Kristin Diemer (Melbourne, Australia)
Pierre-Paolo Dori (Montreal, Canada)
Alan Dunlop (Toronto, Canada)
Frank Eberdt (Toronto, Canada)
Mark L. Freedman (Toronto, Canada)
Heather Fulton (Toronto, Canada)
Nathalie Garceau (Montreal, Canada)
Christine Germano (Vancouver, Canada)
Silvi Glattauer (Victoria, Australia)
Monica Glitz (Toronto, Canada)
Guy Glorieux (Montreal, Canada)
Chris Gordaneer (Toronto, Canada)
Osheen Harruthoonyan (Montreal, Canada)
Caroline Hayeur (Montreal, Canada)
Xin He (Toronto, Canada)
Marie Heintzman (Toronto, Canada)
Bryan Helm (New York, United States)
Horst Herget (Toronto, Canada)
Janet Holmes (Toronto, Canada)
Shelagh Howard (Toronto, Canada)
Fiona Howarth (Abbotsford, Canada)
Fred Hunsberger (Kitchner, Canada)
Kevin Kelly (Toronto, Canada)
Elizabeth King (Pennsylvania, United States)
Alan Knox (London, United Kingdom)
Linda Kooluris Dobbs (Toronto, Canada)

Guy Lafontaine
(Montreal, Canada)

Liam Lynch (Victoria, Australia)
Richard Man (Palo Alto, United States)
Kit Martin (Fife, Scotland)
Robert McIntyre (Toronto, Canada)
Stephen McNeill (Toronto, Canada)
Brendan Meadows (Vancouver, Canada)
Kevin J. Mellis (Calgary, Canada)
Paulette Michayluk (Toronto, Canada)
Daniel Miller (Montreal, Canada)
Liam Mogan (Toronto, Canada)
William Mokrynski (London, United Kingdom)
Lisa Murzin (Toronto, Canada)
Jan Naismith & Gary Chapman (Atherton Tableland, Australia)
Don Newman (Toronto, Canada)
Mabel Odessey (Paris, France)
Alexandra Orgera (Philadelphia, United States)
Nikki Ormerod (Toronto, Canada)
Lorraine Parow (Toronto, Canada)
Frances Patella (Toronto, Canada)
Laura Paterson (Toronto, Canada)
Daniel Paterson & Bella Klein  (Toronto, Canada)
Julian Pearce (Brisbane, Australia)
Wes Peel (Whitby, Canada)
Kamelia Pezeshki (Toronto, Canada)
John Pike (Los Angeles, United States)
Dale Rio (Durham, United States)
Mike Robinson (Toronto, Canada)
Lori Ryerson (Toronto, Canada)
Rachel Scheinfeldt (Philadelphia, United States)
Bill Schwab (Detroit, United States)
Paul Sergeant & Greg Snow (Toronto, Canada)
Kim Sinclair (Melbourne, Australia)
Lillian Sly (Nainamo, Canada)
Anna Snyder (Toronto, Canada)
Jerry Spangnoli (New York, United States)
Blaine Speigel (Toronto, Canada)
S. Gayle Stevens (Chicago, United States)
Peggy Taylor Reid (Toronto, Canada)
Steve Tester (Victoria, Australia)
Kathy Toth (Toronto, Canada)
Craig Tuffin (Banora Point, Australia)
Gordon Undy (Haymarket, Australia)
Ray Van Nes (Calgary, Canada)
Cory Wilyman (Toronto, Canada)
Ilan Wolff (Madrid, Spain)
Rick Wright (Philadelphia, United States)
Ellie Young (Victoria, Australia)


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