Liz Pead

Daviot, Inverness. Scotland, 2019
recycled hockey gear & acrylic paint
on board with painted staples
18 x 24 inches

Lisa Johnson

You Are Here, 2019
oil on canvas
36 x 28 inches

Phil Irish

Ghost Sonata, 2019
oil paint on aluminum
20 x 24 inches

George Boileau

Myths & Metaphors
bronze, steel, wood, & brass train parts
64.5 x 50 x 9 inches


This October, discover three exciting exhibitions, which run conccurently from October 5 until November 3, 2019

Join us for the Opening Reception: Saturday, October 5, from 2-5pm.
Artist in Attendance!

Liz Pead & Lisa Johnson
UNCharted Terrain
Main Gallery

Lonsdale Gallery presents UNCharted Terrain, an exhibition featuring fiber based works and ink drawings by Liz Pead and oil paintings by Lisa Johnson. Pairing two award winning female artists, each with their own signature visual and creative sensibilities, this exhibition mines the history of landscape painting. Liz Pead’s works are at once playful and provocative. Synthesizing craft and painting techniques, her works incite a dialogue about nationalism, art, representation and power. Lisa Johnson’s painterly response to nature investigates how geography becomes embedded in the psyche and culture.

Phil Irish
Project Room

Phil Irish’s latest series of paintings unearth what lies beneath the surface of our consciousness and awareness. Irish combines finely detailed brushwork, with narrative elements, and bold hard-lined abstraction to construct otherworldly visions of the arctic. Ethereal apparitions of classic architecture materialize from beneath his majestic icebergs, evoking the sense that these glacial formations have silently bore witness to the transformation of the geography and culture for millennia.

George Boileau
Myths & Metaphors
Upper Gallery

A special presentation of Award winning artist George Boileau’s Myths & Metaphors, a large-scale steel and bronze sculpture, depicting a brass model steam engine pulling a polished marble sphere back and forth between two monumental mountains. Boileau weaves together symbols of modernity and progress with the Greek legend of Sisyphus, a man condemned to forever repeat the same task of pushing a boulder up a mountain, only to see it roll down again. Explored through a contemporary lens, Boileau reveals a potent allegory for modern life and the resilience of the human spirit.