George Boileau, Patrice Charbonneau, Steve Fleury, Justine Skahan, Nora Sturges


November 28, 2015 – January 8, 2016

Shelter explores themes of architecture and the domestic, questioning how the spaces we inhabit act as surrogates to the lives we lead.  These artists look at the quotidian spaces of our everyday lives; from rooms and household detritus to the impact of urban sprawl and the human obsession to build and expand.

The works in the show expose both the art and artlessness in our built environment.  If the rooms and buildings around us contain our lives, what do their forms say about us?  These collected artists focus on the aesthetics of man-made spaces, heightening our awareness of the hidden or overlooked forms which make up our urban environments.


410 Spadina Road
Toronto, ON,
Canada, M5P2W2


Wednesdays - Saturday
11am - 5pm
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