Rebel Lens

Feature Exhibition
Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival

What makes an experimental photograph so provocative? Is it the power to transform a simple scene into something more meaningful and compelling through the creative intervention of the artist?

Discover over 200 experimental photographs and become entranced by the rich and engaging photographic practices taking place across the globe today.

Witness the altering light and shadow; the addition of paint or thread; the distortion of the subject either by chance or with intention. Lonsdale Gallery presents a large-scale immersive museum-quality exhibition that surveys the current landscape of contemporary experimental photography.

This salon-style installation reveals a dynamic multivalent network, drawing visual and conceptual connections between the pieces. It imagines the current climate of image making as a pluralist interconnected web, in which artists draw inspiration from life; reinterpreting them to express bold new artistic visions of the world around them. Constellations of photographs become a metaphor for our current climate of globalized interconnected visual culture.

Participating Artists:

Sally Ayre (Toronto, Canada)
Jessica Barber (Pennsylvania, United States)
René Bolduc (Montreal, Canada)
Julia Campisi (Toronto, Canada)
Jennifer Crane (Saskatoon, Canada)
Noémie da Silva (Montreal, Canada)
Sandra C. Davis (Philadelphia, United States)
Raimond De Weerdt (New South Wales, Australia)
Frank Desgagnés (Montreal, Canada)
Kristin Diemer (Melbourne, Australia)
Pierre-Paolo Dori (Montreal, Canada)
Frank Eberdt (Toronto, Canada)
Chantal Emond (Montreal, Canada)
Neil Folberg (Jerusalem, Israel)
Heather Fulton (Toronto, Canada)
Nathalie Garceau & Stephanie Laurin (Montreal, Canada)
Jonathan Groeneweg (Hamilton, Canada)
Osheen Harruthoonyan (Vancouver, Canada)
Caroline Hayeur (Montreal, Canada)
Robert Hebert (Montreal, Canada)
Marie Heintzman (Toronto, Canada)
Horst Herget (Toronto, Canada)
Thomas Hlavacek (Toronto, Canada)
Shelagh Howard (Toronto, Canada)
Jeannie Hutchins (Maine, United States)
Joan Kaufman (Toronto, Canada)
Kevin Kelly (Toronto, Canada)
Guy Lafontaine (Montreal, Canada)
Camille Lamy (Montreal, Canada)
Kit Martin (Fife, Scotlan)
Christine Marshall-Smith (Toronto, Canada)
Tyler Matheson (Waterloo/Toronto)
Stephen McNeill (Toronto, Canada)
Paulette Michayluk (Toronto, Canada)
Daniel Miller (Montreal, Canada
Karice Mitchell (Waterloo/Toronto)
Ella Morton (Toronto, Canada)
Lisa Murzin (Toronto, Canada)
Moira Ness (Toronto, Canada)
Helen Olcott (Toronto, Canada)
Frances Patella (Toronto, Canada)
Senga Peckham (Victoria, Australia)
Wes Peel (Whitby, Canada)
Kamelia Pezeshki (Toronto, Canada)
Rachel Scheinfeldt (Philadelphia, United States)
Sara Silks (Kansas, United States)
Anna Snyder (Toronto, Canada)
Peggy Taylor-Reid (Toronto, Canada)
Amanda Tinker (Philadelphia, United States)
Kathy Toth (Toronto, Canada)


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