Featured Artists: Joan Kaufman, Amanda McCavour, Julie Oakes, Peggy Taylor Reid
Exhibition Dates: January 16 – February 20, 2011

Avian explores the concept of bird as icon. Icon of flight, nesting, migration, fragility and independence. Every culture holds the bird in a place of mysticism. We anthropomorphize birds in an attempt to understand their magic.

Four Lonsdale Gallery artists; Joan Kaufman, Amanda McCavour, Julie Oakes and Peggy Taylor Reid are all independently exploring the theme of birds in their work. It is an added interest too, that all of these artists are women. Bird mythology is often tied to themes of motherhood, the home, the fragility of the vessel, etc. This show will pair and juxtapose the explorations of these artist to try to find the common thread and interest in their works.

curated by Stanzie Tooth