Lonsdale Gallery is pleased to present exciting new works by our represented artists at Art Toronto 2012. Please see below for images and summaries of some of the pieces and projects that will be on display in our Booth 1110.  We are also please to announce gallery artist Xiaojing Yan’s inclusion in Art Toronto’s featured exhibition Beyond Geography.

Featured artists: Jim Hake, Osheen Harruthoonyan, Joan Kaufman, Jim Reid, Peggy Taylor Reid, Pedie Wolfond, Xiaojing Yan, and more!

Xiaojing Yan, Cloudscape

featured in Beyond Geography, Art Toronto 2012 Featured Exhibition

Cloudscape is an elaborate installation work of constructed reed and paper forms that float and soar through space. The dramatic formation refers to traditional Chinese landscape painting where natural forms are re-interpreted under the lens of culture. What results are decorative motives, depicting water transforming into cloud, that become a convoluted representation of the natural. Yan’s work speaks of the reality of living with dualism, disengagement and isolation. Through her work, Yan invites us to enjoy the magic show but gently makes us aware of ungrounded assumptions and comfortable complacencies.


Joan Kaufman, Gravity 

Gravity is a 3-channel, 2:17- minute looping video and sound installation that depicts moving images of birds on unnaturally toned skies.  Programmed in sequences,  the artist manipulates the colour, speed and direction of the birds’ flight up and down three vertically oriented monitors.  By using technology to fracture and interfere with movement and sound of flocking birds, Kaufman plays with nature to provoke pondering about power dynamics and interspecies relations in an age of environmental uproar.

 Osheen Harruthoonyan,  new experiments

Photographer Osheen Harruthoonyan continues his wet darkroom explorations,  exploring new subject matter and incorporating collage elements into is work.

Jim Reid, Reflecting Chaos in Light

Jim Reid expands on his landscape works by incorporating mixed media elements into his paintings. In these new works, Reid ‘sketches’ the landscape using thread and fabric, creating an exciting ground for his lush landscape works.

Peggy Taylor Reid, Vortex

Vortex is inspired by the myth Pandora’s Jar (the original translation of Pandora’s Box). Taylor Reid sees the jar as a metaphorical site for confrontation, from within as well as from outside sources. The viewer looks through the rim of the jar like a lens, catching traces of objects and light refracted in motion. The resulting photographic works hold ambiguous narratives of within the contrast of light and dark.