APPS 2011 (Alternative Process Photography Symposium)

May 8- 13, 2011

Registration starts: January 2011

The Alternative Process Photography Symposium (A.P.P.S. 2011) is a joint initiative of Lonsdale Gallery, Elevator Laboratories and the 918 Bathurst Centre, with additional workshops being held at Gallery 44.

APPS 2011 will create a forum for unique, historic, and alternative process photography.  World-renowned leaders in various alternative processes will be brought into Toronto in May 2011 to lead a series of lectures, workshops, exhibitions and more, to add their expertise to the forum of the larger photographic community of Toronto. This event will be held in connection with the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival.

Speakers confirmed for the series are:

Sam Wang- keynote

Nigel Dickson

Sandy King

Ron Reeder

Bill Schwab

Guillame Zuili

This symposium is being created in response to a growing interest in photographers to create work using revitalized analogue processes. In a digital age where the dissemination of imagery overloads the viewer, more and more photographers feel an affinity to process based work where the hand of the artist is still felt. The processes covered by the symposium are currently having a revival in both local and international photographic communities. Some of the processes to be addressed in the workshops will be: Carbon, Multiple Colour Gum, Gum Over Platinum, Lith Printing, Wet Plate, Platinum Digital Negative from film and digital  capture, to name a few.

Please visit in January 2011, when we will release full program descriptions and schedules.