Randy and Stacey will be practicing the act of remembering in the gallery from noon to 3pm on April 15th. They will be recounting events past and making a record of that recollection. Stacey and Randy frequently collaborate together including a performance at the 2008 Toronto International Art Fair and one at 7*a11d International Festival of Performance Art.

Randy Gagne was born in Cambridge, ON in 1983; He received his Bachelor of Art degree from the Ontario College of Arts in 2007, majoring in drawing of painting. Randy is currently active in sound/performance art, writing and music, and just recently had his writing on sound art published in the academic journal “sense & society”. Other recent exhibitions include the odB sound art festival in Finland, the 2008 7a11d International Performance Art Festival, and the 2008 Toronto International Art Festival. Randy continues to prolifically record, collaborate, and perform music in and around the Toronto area, and has a new album included in an international anthology of experimental music from the record label Bennifer Editions.

Image: from 7*a11d performance at Xpace Cultural Centre