Acrlic on Wood, 2008

Gareth Bate, Liz Pead, Howard Podeswa & Jim Reid

April 18 – May 12, 2013


Responsive Space II is the second instalment of a project, started in 2007, which brings artists together to share their unique, contemporary experiences of the land and their attempts to express our ever-evolving relationship with nature. In a digitally immersed society, one’s relationship to the natural environment and history become distorted by the overwhelming dissemination of information and the removal from direct experience.

This exhibition features the artwork of Gareth Bate, Liz Pead, Howard Podeswa and Jim Reid. Each of these artists synthesize landscape through various material means. Though diverse in their motivations and their use of media, these four artists are all tapping into a collective consciousness around land and its enduring influence on our culture.