Fibre_focus_Cover_54-4_winter_2011Lonsdale Gallery Artists Amanda McCavour and Xiaojing Yan are featured as two of the “Ten Up and Coming Canadian Fibre Artists to Watch”. See details below:


Ten Up and Coming
Canadian Fibre Artists to Watch
by: Gareth Bate

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Published: Fibre Focus Magazine
Winter Part 1:
Jan. 2012, Spring Part 2: April 2012

Working as Festival Curator for the 2012 World of Threads Festival I’ve been lucky to encounter many exciting and innovative fibre artists from all over the world. I’ve realized that fibre art is particularly vibrant in Canada, and especially in Toronto. A new generation of fibre artists are pushing the boundaries. Many are choosing a more tactile and sensitive approach to making work. The thing that strikes me most about contemporary fibre art is how original it looks. When so much art starts to look the same, many fibre artists have a unique and personal approach.

I’ve compiled a list of Ten Up and Coming Canadian Fibre Artists to Watch. They’ve been selected based on the strength and ambition of their work, and their willingness to experiment with materials. They are not ranked. All are within the first few years of their art practices. Each is represented by one of their most iconic pieces rather than recent work. At first I worried about how admittedly Toronto-centric this list is. But in fact many of the artists have roots in other provinces and countries. The list reflects the particular strength of the contemporary fibre art scene in Toronto and the GTA.