Main Level Gallery:
Black Garden by Osheen Harruthoonyan

Black Garden is a featured exhibition for the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival 2011. In this exhibition, Osheen Harruthooyan questions how land can be simultaneously imbued with the cultural history of a people as well as its neglect through the entitlement of those same cultures. Harruthoonyan employs landscapes that signify his own cultural history. Harruthoonyan’s optical and printing techniques merge foreground and background to create an otherworldly space.

Upper Level:
Process Masters
featuring: Nigel Dickson, Sandy King, Ron Reeder, Bill Schwab, Sam Wang, Guillaume Zuili

Part of the Alternative Process Photography Symposium (A.P.P.S.)2011. A display of works by symposium speakers, each a master in their photography process; carbon, platinum, platinum over gum, tri-colour gum bichromate, digital ink jet, pinhole and more. This exhibition is a celebration of unique processes as revitalized by these artists.