Keynote Address and Panel Discussion
Sam Wang (keynote) Nigel Dickson, Sandy King, Ron Reeder, Bill Schwab
918 Bathurst Centre at 918 Bathurst Street
Monday, May 9 from 6:30- 9:00m, doors open at 6pm

Keynote Address by Sam Wang:
Ours is a digital age. High quality photographic images are easier to produce than ever, through technological advances and the ease of photo-editing software. At the same time, traditional, time-consuming and less predictable alternative processes are also experiencing a resurgence. Many experts and enthusiasts are returning to the roots of photo development, adding the rich organic qualities of these alternative processes to their work. In juxtaposition to the digital perfection of newer technologies, these artists strive to feel the hand of the artist in their work and to once again control the printing process.