Neil Dankoff


October 7 – November 7, 2010

Artists’s Reception: Thursday, October 7 from 7-10pm

Lonsdale Gallery is proud to introduce photographer Neil Dankoff.  Dankoff’s panoramic images emerged from a desire to capture a sense of awe inspired by the landscape.  The vibrant and sweeping horizons in his photographs are mesmerizing.

In Shel Zahav, this sense of wonderment becomes even more poignant within the skylines of Jerusalem as Dankoff’s style captures the innate mysticism within the landscape of Israel.  The correlation between the visual splendor of the photographs and the spiritual weight of their content creates a distinct emotional impression.  Israel is a point of departure for many faiths and holds a great personal resonance for so many that the land itself has become imbued with the metaphors of the body and soul.  The majesty in Dankoff’s photos captures the grandeur and sanctity that Israel represents to those around the world who call it home.

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