I scooted through Peep Show, Lonsdale Gallery’s exhibition of up-and-coming artists, a two-floor extravaganza with Alex McLeod being the only name familiar to me. Either he’s refining his technique or I’m getting used to it, but these virtual landscapes, created ìin computerî, approach the combination of representation and spatial disorientation that makes Neo Rauch such a wealthy man. McLeod’s nowhere near that dense yet, but he’s heading in a direction; let’s hope it’s the right one. Besides him, Bogdan Luca shares some easy-on-the-eyes wide-brushed impressionistic work inspired by blurry photographs. Each one looks like it could be part of a larger canvas, so they, in a weird way, leave me wanting more. Amanda McCavour’s thread-drawn birds would look perfect on my daughter’s walls and are so much finer when released from their glass cages. Osheen Harruthoonyan’s photographs are murky and textured. They’re a bit too murky for me, but intrigue when they emerge from the darkness. And the fashionably posing youth in Jamie Bradbury’s watercolours are copping so much ‘tude, I roll my eyes and move on.

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