Peep Show: New Artists Exposed!
Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto Aug 12 to Sep 27 2009

Lonsdale Gallery ushers in a new wave of playfully experimental artists this summer with ‘Peep Show.’ This media-diverse exhibition includes works by Jamie Bradbury, Bogdan Luca, Osheen Harruthoonyan, Amanda McCavour and Alex McLeod that share a spirit of creative inventiveness. Photo-based artist Osheen Harruthoonyan, for instance, poetically explores memory dissolution by altering found and personal photographs through unique analog printing processes, while Amanda McCavour specializes in intricate thread drawings that add warm tactility to an otherwise removed viewing experience. Bogdan LucaĆ­s figurative practice weaves in ‘concepts of distortion, repetition, perspective and even complete disintegration of the form’ to create paintings that tingle with colour, motion and feeling, vividly capturing subjective impressions of moments in time. Ultimately, the works in this exhibition are suffused with enough ingenuity and insight to warrant more than just a peep. (410 Spadina Rd, Toronto ON)

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