August 10 – September 12, 2005

Vessna Perunovich
Bonnie Baker
Brendan Fernandes
Sarah Comfort
Elvira Tutic
Kathryn Walter
Trudie Cheng
Kia Chan
Lily Otasevic
Danielle Reddick

Textile first emerged as a craft of functionality, using scraps and leftover material to craft quilts, placemats, or rugs within a household. As this medium has evolved each generation, it has become recognized as a talented product, given that today’s household items are conveniently mass-produced. As a material, textile has become more defined and recognized as an object of both functionality and luxury.

Lonsdale Gallery is amongst the few to embrace this medium as we strive to facilitate and foster works that are innovative and challenging.

Image credit: Vessna Perunovich, ?Stairs, ?Finishing nails and string, ?14″ x 14″

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