Harbourfront Centre’s SUPERDANISH: Newfangled Danish Culture – an exploration of current Danish Culture, September 28 to December 2004, featuring 200 artists in more than 130 events.

Danish Artist Kirstine Roepstorff will be exhibiting at Lonsdale Gallery in conjunction with Harbourfront’s Superdanish festival. Roepstorff works with collage, a method she calls ”appropriaarranging,” using collage to appropriate and re-arrange the already existing world. Roepstorff sees collage as a well functioning tool in order to create transpositions, to dissolve gravity, to melt or to change conventional proportions, and to re-group and to re-situate scales that would be un-maneuverable and un-thinkable in real life. Despite these radical transformations, Roepstorff’s work still maintains a recognizable element that the spectator can relate to.

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