JULY 15-31, 2004

Lonsdale Gallery is pleased to present a new body of work by emerging artist Andria Keen. Inspired by her experiences with the practice of yoga, Keen sculpts everlasting figurative yoga poses from soapstone, expressing her beliefs in the union of body and mind, mind and spirit, one”s consciousness and the universal consciousness.

Through the years Keen has developed a background in painting oils and acrylics. In 2002 she taught herself the craft of soapstone carving, three months after she began to practice asana, the physical posture of Yoga. Through this practice she has found that yoga and carving have much in common. With both you must practice patience, be open to communication and invoke within a balance of motivation and acceptance tempered by this interaction and consciousness. In these figurative sculptures, Keen strives to create a sense of rising up and grounding down, a gentle push and pull, and to express the lightness and focused intent of the spirit.

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