MARCH 4-28, 2004

Jerzy Kolacz’s paintings offer us a portrait of ourselves, not a portrait of our faces, cities or landscapes but rather of the psyche, a portrait which is far more challenging. Kolacz interprets emotion, ideas and raw spirit. He represents them through colour, shape, gesture and line. The prevalent elements of light and texture intermingle together with material paint and object elements. There is a movement from experience to memory and the knowledge that there are many ways to get to the same place; what we remember becomes how we wish to see the world. His abstraction seeks an ideal, but as the artist is a medium, whose every changing textural vocabulary involves subtle shifts of meaning; we are allowed to reflect upon our own psyche portrait and seek our hidden memory to allow a reflection of the inner expression of wisdom.

Jerzy Kolacz works with mixed media on both canvas and paper.

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